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Python OS 6

Python OS 6 is a complete user interface and application management system written entirely in Python using Pygame.

Python OS

Python OS is an environment for Python and Pygame applications to run in.

With Python OS 3.2.0 and onward, Python OS supports "layered multitasking", so that there can be several applications open at once, while the status of the last application is preserved.

SpartanOS Ambition

Operating Environment with built-in virtual filesystem

Cooki OS

A full operating system written using only python and its moduals.

SkyBit OS

The OS for pygame

Library Computer Access and Retrival System (Star Trek IRL project)

The Library Computer Access and Retrival System is a new operating system that can fetch files and modify/replace/remove/move files easily. Said files can be made as .py and if they are, they can be set to automatically run. May require maintenence.

Atum Ubu

Atum Ubu is a desktop emulator of a fictional operating system.

Atum Mint

I don't know why I did it