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pygameweb - 0.0.1 - Weedy Seadragon

pygameweb is the source code for the website

Rene Dudfield


#30 https url scheme default(not in DEBUG). https login links even on http.
#29 News feeds (rss, atom) are in the header of every page again.
#28 Improved table of contents on the wiki. Syntax help on edit page. Clear cache after edit.
#27 Changes are now shown again when people do a new project release. Project test improvements.

#31 /admin turned off by default, APP_ADMIN config variable.
#13 Admin interface improvements


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pygameweb 0.0.4 - Northern Rockhopper Penguin — 8 Mar, 2018

pygameweb 0.0.1 - Weedy Seadragon — 14 Feb, 2018

pygameweb 0.0.6 Northern Rockhopper Penguin release 2 — 27 Jan, 2019 account Comments