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pygameweb - 0.0.4 - Northern Rockhopper Penguin

pygameweb is the source code for the website

Rene Dudfield


pygameweb is the source code for the pygame website at

Northern Rockhopper Penguin (photo by Brian Gratwicke)
  • #52 Adding ability to deploy through travisci. And docs.
  • #46 Wiki readability. Wiki tools on left out of reading line.
  • Twitter card for releases. For nicer view when posting to twitter.
  • Wiki table of contents improvements.
  • builds docs for pygame, when something lands on pygame github master branch.
  • project release feeds bugfix.
  • Only show one recent release for each project. Some projects release a few times in a row.
  • Wiki, nicer pre code handling.
  • Wiki code uses inline colors, so copy/paste works with colors too.
  • use https for login and register buttons, even when on http (see Why can't we turn off HTTPS?).
  • Ask more bad robot web crawlers not to be bad.
See a full diff of changes since last release.


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pygameweb 0.0.4 - Northern Rockhopper Penguin — 8 Mar, 2018

pygameweb 0.0.1 - Weedy Seadragon — 14 Feb, 2018

pygameweb 0.0.6 Northern Rockhopper Penguin release 2 — 27 Jan, 2019 account Comments