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A* pathfinding - 1.0

A straightforward implementation of a static A* pathfinding algorithm.

Alex Ter-Sarkisov
Choose the location of obstacles, starting and target points. This can serve as a template for a full game. Comments and criticism are very welcome.


This is the first version of my static A* pathfinding algorithm


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A* pathfinding 1.0 — 7 May, 2015 account Comments

  • Nick Jarvis 2015-05-31 14:30

    I like it! One thing I might recommend is breaking the file into multiple files, maybe one that has the A* implementation, one for each of the classes, and one for actually running the program. I find that it is easier to debug something or add new features if there are multiple files. Good work!

    Alex Ter-Sarkisov 2015-06-11 12:10

    thanks Nick! Yes, that's a good idea. I'm working on a space shooter game now, and this is exactly what I'm doing (in addition to other stuff, like using more efficient data structures, i.e. set() instead of numpy.array())