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BallShooter! - 1.0

A very simple arcade style colliding ball game. The objective is to get as large a score as possible without the balls hitting the big ball at the bottom. Try to protect it at all cost.

David Dossett
The game is simple, don't let any balls hit the big ball at the bottom. Unfortunately your score won't increase until you have at least one ball on the screen. Soon you'll have to deflect balls away using more balls, which can rapidly get out of control. - Mouse to aim and fire. - 'Tab' to display the frame rate and current screen position of the mouse cursor. - 'Esc' to quit nicely. This is my first pygame (or any game) attempt and therefore is more of a learning experience for me. If anyone fancies having a go at implementing helpful features like, high score tables, start menu, sounds etc. That would probably make it a decent overall game.



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BallShooter! 1.0 — 14 Aug, 2012 account Comments