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Ball Attack

Ball Attack is a simple little arcade game -- reminiscent of pong or breakout, but you need to keep ever increasing amounts of balls in the air with your little paddle.


GuyBounce is a unique game in which you control multiple bouncing players at once -- using the same keys for all. The goal is to get them all into the "goal" area, signified by blue.


Hey everyone! This is my first pygame/python project and I had a lot of fun making this game!

The Feeble Diddle

This is a game I am writing about a little ball thing called a Diddle who isn't appreciated by his friends until one day they are all kidnapped and he must save them.

Missle Command

Here's a remake of the classic "Missile Command" -- currently in an early stage, but playable.


PyBalls => a simple game with mouse and ... balls ;)


You must shoot the monster by using the ball and kill him.

Ball Fight

In this game you have to destroy as much enemy balls as possible by colliding with them, or using special powers.


single player version of Pong with two balls instead of one.

Pong remastered

A simple game of pong, with no score or graphics to distract.


BreakAll is the first Wolfcode made game. Wolfcode is my personal project about gamedev and i hope to become a real company.


A very simple arcade style colliding ball game. The objective is to get as large a score as possible without the balls hitting the big ball at the bottom. Try to protect it at all cost.

Pong Dexule Internet Lan Multiplayer

Pong Dexule with multiplayer internet all over the world without any configuration

Block Fortress

Open Source Breakout Clone

Tribal Pong

A pong clone(it's going to be one)