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Python Text Editor - 1.0

A text editor in python.

A text editor in python, made using from chatsystem(thanks a lot!).

The black edit box will ad whatever text is in it to the file you are writing to when you press return while focused on it.
The red edit box is for commands;
editline: (line number)
viewline: (line number)

editline puts the content of the line number you entered beside it to the black edit box.
example: editline: 3

viewline puts the content of the line number you entered beside it on the screen.
example: viewline: 2

view prints all the contents of the file to the screen (for some reason, the bad command error apears after it executes the view command...).
example: view



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Python Text Editor 1.0 — 16 May, 2006 account Comments

  • GallefrayVBS 2011-07-07 18:56

    errr...  the links don't work :P

    THE MASTER 2019-08-12 01:09

  • MagicTravelAndrew 2012-12-14 02:26

    Home page, source and windows links are broken :(

  • THE MASTER 2019-08-12 01:09

    Why is the windows version a .exe anyways?
  • THE MASTER 2019-08-12 01:10

    Why does the window version use a .exe file anyway?