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Lothar's War - 0.01

Lothar's War is a top down strategy game in which the player controls various units to take control of the map.

Jonathan Fries
Lothar's War has similar game play to a tactical RPG, minus the leveling up of units. Everything in the game I did myself, art, sound effects, as well as programming. I have set it up so that you can define the data path in the options.ini, so the game can be reskinned. This is more or less a tech demo of the game I'm working on Lothar's War. Most of the game mechanics are in place and I am finishing polish elements of the combat. I want to start on the campaign in the next couple of weeks after I have finished the combat. I would like any and all feedback on the game mechanics, balance and the user experience.



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Lothar's War 0.01 — 27 Jun, 2011

Lothar's War 0.1 — 3 Jul, 2011 account Comments

  • Anynoumus 2011-07-05 21:34

    If you want the command line to go away from the background, name the main file *.pyw. The console wont appear that way.

    Jonyfries 2011-07-07 03:44

    You really just made my day! Although you weren't quite right, that doesn't affect how py2exe runs it only how it runs when run as a .py file. But it got me thinking that it was a fixable issue, all you have to do is alter the py2exe setup file to, in this case,


    Thank you for letting me know it was possible!