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Casual - Simplified RTS game with some RPG elements added on.


Plague is a real-time top down â??rogue-likeâ? arena shooter pitting humans against the zombie horde, inspired by the games Syndicate, XCOM and Gauntlet.

Currently under development, Plague already features procedural level generation, cellular automata modeling for physical effects, a 2D physics engine, AI and line of sight vision for every â??sentientâ? game entity, multiple weapons and a whole heap more, all running in real-time.

G Underground

A top down shooter where you battle zombies to escape the underground. My final submission to pyday 2.

Icy Inuits

Help Icy the inuit find his lost fish and escape from the furry clutches of the evil polar bear in this small but addictive game.


Ignore this; I'm testing something.


Polywar is a 2D top-down arcade shooter game with polygons. It will be an online multiplayer game someday, but I need to get a few more things working properly before I do that.


A retro style arcade SHMUP


2d topdown SHMUP


A top-down Earth defense shooter, featuring a custom particle engine, sound effects, and music.


A 2D space shooter RPG in the similar to Star Control 2, Escape Velocity, or Star Wolves 3. Far from finished and interested in collaboration.

Bridge Battle

Simple two player strategy game.

Lothar's War

Lothar's War is a top down strategy game in which the player controls various units to take control of the map.

Ulmo's Adventure

Help Ulmo evade enemies, collect coins and find his way to the end of an amazing (but short) adventure.

The Cabbages

A topdown action/adventure rpg in the nostalgic spirit of the 80's.


An open source topdown car game fully written with Python and Pygame.


An RPG and map making toolkit

Ghost Safety Squad

You play as a ghost whose goal is to save clueless pedestrians from horrific traffic accidents. Do this by possessing their bodies and guiding them to safety.

Nubcake Farms

A simple farming game. The game was made entirely for programming experience with Python and PyGame.


An RPG Game similar to Legend of Zelda done in python and pygame.