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Quintis - 1.0

A Tetris clone with options to play classic Tetris, or with five-tile pieces mixed in.

T R Bradshaw

In classic Tetris, each piece is a combination of four tiles, hence the name. Quintis pieces contain five tiles each. In this game, you can play with classic Tetris pieces or with Quintis pieces mixed in.

There are many pieces that can be made from five tiles, but not all of them are playable. Some shapes are just too specifically shaped to be of much use, and they make for very short games. This version contains a collection of pieces deemed to be most playable.

This game was made in Python with Pygame libraries as a diversionary project and is now available here for your enjoyment.



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Quintis 1.0 — 26 Jan, 2011

Quintis 1.0 — 14 Aug, 2010 account Comments