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Beta Gunner Warcry - 0.0-restart

Second attempt at a 2-week shmup. Tanks in space stations.

Henry Mclaughlin
I've decided to try again at developing a shmup in 2 weeks.

I'm using this title and this page both because it's the same kind of challenge... And because I already have the SourceForge page.

Beta Gunner Warcry will be a shmup featuring a tank fighting robot tanks in procedural space stations.

I've given myself until August 14th to finish, but I'm willing to stretch that if need be.

Hoping that I can finish it this time!


The deadline has long since passed, but I've decided to give myself another chance at this. Starting over in Panda3D with some differences.


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Beta Gunner Warcry 0.0.5 — 5 Jul, 2010

Beta Gunner Warcry 0.0.0 — 5 Jul, 2010

Beta Gunner Warcry 0.0-restart — 2 Aug, 2010 account Comments