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WireWorld - 0.2

Wireworld Cellular Automata Implementation

Zadok Regex
Wireworld is a cellular automata that has been proven to be Turing complete and has been used to make a computer that calculates primes. I have used this automata for a while now and have been thinking about making a puzzle game based around it. The premise is you have to complete parts of a circuit to make it work and advance to the next level. This is the first step toward the game, an implementation of the core rules.


Revamped the code, split it into smaller files. Binary saving and loading of my invented file-type specific to wireworld is now supported (can i get a woot wut?) Loading only works if the size of the board in the file is the same size as the current board. Also I changed the way it calculates rules, instead of checking the neighbors of every wire it checks the neighbors of wires around electrons. Slows down proportionally to the amount of elections than to the amount of wires (which is a very good improvement) My next steps in this project are making a class that returns a pygame surface that has the board on it, taking care of mouse clicks and I/O rather than have the main python script take care of it :D


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WireWorld 0.2 — 10 Jun, 2010

WireWorld 0.3 — 14 Jul, 2010

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