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Lights Out - 0.3

A Lights Out game. Flip off all the lights to win.

If you've never played Lights Out before the goal of the game is to turn off all the lights. Where ever you click it flips the lights in a plus-sign shape to their opposite states. So, if a light is on and you flip it it'll turn off and vice-versa. There is another version where the lights in the shape of an 'x' are flipped.
Instructions: Press 'm' to go to the menu during the game. Press 'r' to restart a level during the game. Use the menu to choose game type. Start Game starts a game with preset levels. Random Game starts a game with randomly generated levels. Options goes into options for the game. Mode determines the type of game. If you choose on it will be a normal type game where lights in a plus-sign shape are flipped. If you choose off it will be a game where lights in an 'x' shape are flipped. Music you can turn on or off.


15 levels and a level complete image appears each time you complete a level. Next version will have a menu. Version after that will have a random mode where you try to solve a randomly generated level that is solvable.


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Lights Out 0.3 — 16 Feb, 2010

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