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Carré Rouge (red square)

Vous êtes un carré rouge et vous devez atteindre le carré vert (sortie) pour finir chaque niveau. You're a red square and you have to touch the green square (the way out) to complete each level.


A simple logic simulator.


Cells is a logic puzzle adapted from Dr. Mark Goadrich's 'Cell Management' PiecePack game. It includes 7 levels of varying difficulty. Every game is different.


A simple framework for managing multiple states of a game.

Lights Out

A Lights Out game. Flip off all the lights to win.


Two-person logical game. The game consists of removing sticks from a board. It's possibile to play as a single player or versus another player.

Dinos in Space

logic-puzzle game


Two-person logic game. The game consists in removing sticks from a board. It's possibile to play as a single player (with a respectable A.I.!) or versus another player.


Get control to the end.

Treasure Hunt

This is a game where you are going to explore the deep ocean, searching for treasures. You drive a little yellow submarine, which is equipped with Sonars - tiny machines that display the distance to the closest chest with colors. Remember to avoid going out of fuel, oxygen and don't touch the iceberg/tropical island. Good luck!

Squish the Bugs

Squish all of the bugs. Couldn't be simpler, right?


A simple and minimalistic version of the classic Minesweeper game with 6 difficulties.


Ping is a little game of reflexion and logic.

Pyramid Puzzle

This is the Tower of Hanoi classical puzzle implementation in Python language using pygame library