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PyTowerDefense - 0.5

An Open Source Tower Defense Game developed with Python and Pygame.

Marco Baxemyr
An early-stage Open Source Tower Defense Game developed with Python and Pygame. Admittedly it's very unbalanced and rough, but it allows for an impression and I would be grateful for feedback. I am doing this game in a project-course in school, so I will keep working on it at least until Summer 2010.


Major release. Much has happened, including:

*9 more levels

*Area of Effect

*Tower effects:
    **Ice tower slows a bunch of enemies
    **Fire tower causes damage over time to nearby creeps.

*Upgradeable towers (currently the Arrow tower is upgradeable, do that!)

*A first attempt at sound effects (The basic arrow tower emits a sound when shooting, but it's delayed and thus not very neat)

*Towers no longer gain experience and levels

*An animated tower (Wizard Tower)

*The image of each individual enemy each level are randomly chosen from a pool of images. The plan is to introduce several categories of enemies, but there's currently only the "Undead" category, and we'll see how it evolves and if it was a good idea or not.

I think that sums it up. Also, it ocassionaly crashes with a Segmentation Fault.. (what are the best practices in debugging them?)


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PyTowerDefense 0.4.2 — 19 Nov, 2009

PyTowerDefense 0.4.1 — 18 Nov, 2009

PyTowerDefense 0.4.4 — 20 Nov, 2009

PyTowerDefense 0.4.5 — 21 Nov, 2009

PyTowerDefense 0.4.6 — 25 Nov, 2009

PyTowerDefense 0.5 — 13 Mar, 2010 account Comments