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PyTowerDefense - 0.4.5

An Open Source Tower Defense Game developed with Python and Pygame.

Marco Baxemyr
An early-stage Open Source Tower Defense Game developed with Python and Pygame. Admittedly it's very unbalanced and rough, but it allows for an impression and I would be grateful for feedback. I am doing this game in a project-course in school, so I will keep working on it at least until Summer 2010.


Made a neat UserConfirm-function, using icons from the Crystal Clear icon set.

Fixed the money bug cheat.

When the enemies' path is completely blocked, your newest towers will be sold until the enemies find a way.

Cursor is now visible while placing towers.

Made the Box-class tileable, and added a seamless sand texture as the game field background (not discreet enough, but a start..).

Towers are now only placed if they're completely inside the game field.

Commented out the code attempting to make sure the cursor stays in the game field whilst placing towers. It simply refused to work well - so it's been replaced with preventing towers to be placed outside of the field.

Previously, there's been a bug with the Towers, which made the bottom right of towers passable by enemies. It has been resolved.


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PyTowerDefense 0.4.2 — 19 Nov, 2009

PyTowerDefense 0.4.1 — 18 Nov, 2009

PyTowerDefense 0.4.4 — 20 Nov, 2009

PyTowerDefense 0.4.5 — 21 Nov, 2009

PyTowerDefense 0.4.6 — 25 Nov, 2009

PyTowerDefense 0.5 — 13 Mar, 2010 account Comments