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Arcade Tonk Tanks - 0.0.5 Windows installer

Just use the cursor keys and the space bar to shoot the other tanks.

Koen Lefever
Just use the cursor keys and the space bar to shoot the other tanks.

This game has been tested to work on:
- Linux, Windows XP/Vista/7 and Mac OS X
- Python 2.5 and Python 2.6
- Pygame 1.8 and Pygame 1.9.1

This is my first program in Python (my first program in an Object Oriented language for that matter) and I'm rewriting it completely to support client/server multi-player gameplay. For now Arcade Tonk Tanks is a playable demo in which you can play the red tank against the computer.


- Programming (GPL v.3 licence): Koen Lefever
- Graphics & explosion sound: (CC-BY-SA 3.0 licence): Marc Carson
- Explosion graphics: David Howe
- Music "Only Depth": Vladislav Malkov


Arcade Tonk Tanks 0.0.5 has new graphics by Marc Carson and music by Artsense (Vladislav Malkov).

The Windows executable will install the game. You do not need to have Python or Pygame installed for this.

Source code (12.9 MB) SHA1 Checksum: 08a0569a464cdfaea74ab0f825c02d1931228318
Source code (12.9 MB) MD5 Checksum: 95f9c865125fa2993d2a6c8b0c359e3d
Windows executable (20.2 MB) SHA1 Checksum: 8b2fea9031f5d1db2ca073eb25374f732db8e72c
Windows executable (20.2 MB) MD5 Checksum: 4248b5b744c30610cbe23971841b23c3


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Arcade Tonk Tanks 0.0.4 — 1 Apr, 2009

Arcade Tonk Tanks 0.0.5 — 25 Sep, 2009

Arcade Tonk Tanks 0.0.5 Windows installer — 6 Oct, 2009

Arcade Tonk Tanks 0.0.6 — 28 Dec, 2009 account Comments

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