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pygext - 0.9.5

Pygame Extended: OpenGL accelerated sprite/event-engine plus a miscellanous bunch of utility libraries

Sami Hangaslammi
Pygame Extended (or pygext) is my "everything and a kitchen sink" collection of libraries for Pygame development. The main part of pygext, is the OpenGL accelerated 2D framework ( for rendering and controlling sprites. Pygext also contains additions to pygame.draw (e.g. rectangles with round corners) and an opengl accelerated 2D vector graphics library (experimental).

Pygext is currently 100% pure Python, so parts of it might still be a bit slow on less than high end PCs. However, I've tried to design the code to be as psyco-friendly as possible, so you will see quite a noticeable difference with psyco enabled. Remember to add import psyco; psyco.profile() at the beginning of your applications.

Main Features

* Use layers to control rendering order (unlimited layers per scene)
* Sprites you can rotate, scale and alpha blend
* Sprites can be attached to each other for synchronized movement
* Framerate independent animation and movement
* Control sprites via "Actions" instead of manually
updating coordinates every frame
* Fully featured particle effects
* Collision detection
* Scenes and states for structuring game logic

Requires: PyOpenGL, Numeric and Polygon (optional)


No major new features in this release, but several small bug fixes. Most work has been directed at pygext's C++ rewrite, "Opioid2D", which is entering a closed pre-alpha phase soon. If you are interested in taking part, see for more details.


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pygext 0.8 — 13 Feb, 2006

pygext 0.8.1 — 19 Feb, 2006

pygext 0.9.3 — 7 Mar, 2006

pygext 0.5.5 — 20 Jul, 2005

pygext 0.7 — 7 Aug, 2005

pygext 0.9.1 — 23 Feb, 2006

pygext 0.9.2 — 24 Feb, 2006

pygext 0.7.2 — 27 Aug, 2005

pygext 0.9.4 — 8 Apr, 2006

pygext 0.9.5 — 12 Jun, 2006

pygext 0.9 — 22 Feb, 2006

pygext 0.6 — 2 Aug, 2005 account Comments

  • Fabzter 2012-06-06 03:03

    Yeah this looks pretty sweet, I want!

  • jmm0 2014-06-03 14:37

    You can get the pygext source out of the archive here: