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pygext - 0.7.2

Pygame Extended: OpenGL accelerated sprite/event-engine plus a miscellanous bunch of utility libraries

Sami Hangaslammi
Pygame Extended (or pygext) is my "everything and a kitchen sink" collection of libraries for Pygame development. The main part of pygext, is the OpenGL accelerated 2D framework ( for rendering and controlling sprites. Pygext also contains additions to pygame.draw (e.g. rectangles with round corners) and an opengl accelerated 2D vector graphics library (experimental).

Pygext is currently 100% pure Python, so parts of it might still be a bit slow on less than high end PCs. However, I've tried to design the code to be as psyco-friendly as possible, so you will see quite a noticeable difference with psyco enabled. Remember to add import psyco; psyco.profile() at the beginning of your applications.

Main Features

* Use layers to control rendering order (unlimited layers per scene)
* Sprites you can rotate, scale and alpha blend
* Sprites can be attached to each other for synchronized movement
* Framerate independent animation and movement
* Control sprites via "Actions" instead of manually
updating coordinates every frame
* Fully featured particle effects
* Collision detection
* Scenes and states for structuring game logic

Requires: PyOpenGL, Numeric and Polygon (optional)


Just a quick update before the PyWeek challenge. The biggest change in this release is the new collision detection engine, but mostly this release fixes small bugs and tweaks performance and apidocs.


Home Page


pygext 0.8 — 13 Feb, 2006

pygext 0.8.1 — 19 Feb, 2006

pygext 0.9.3 — 7 Mar, 2006

pygext 0.5.5 — 20 Jul, 2005

pygext 0.7 — 7 Aug, 2005

pygext 0.9.1 — 23 Feb, 2006

pygext 0.9.2 — 24 Feb, 2006

pygext 0.7.2 — 27 Aug, 2005

pygext 0.9.4 — 8 Apr, 2006

pygext 0.9.5 — 12 Jun, 2006

pygext 0.9 — 22 Feb, 2006

pygext 0.6 — 2 Aug, 2005 account Comments

  • Fabzter 2012-06-06 03:03

    Yeah this looks pretty sweet, I want!

  • jmm0 2014-06-03 14:37

    You can get the pygext source out of the archive here: