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This module provides a very simple to use game engine and various stuffs to make a simple GUI for pygame.

Sprite Movement Towards a Target

An example of sprite movement towards a x,y coordinate

Astral Networking

Astral networking is a high level multiplayer programming library. It can use PodSixNet or Mastermind for messaging. It's focus is on solid multiplayer algorithms to help set up realtime multiplayer games without any fuss.

PyGame Text Utilities

PyGame Text Utilities is a package that will allow PyGame developers to easily implement text-based systems into their PyGame programs. This includes the formatting and layout of text, advanced text layout, and the ease of creating interactive text functions such as menus and on-screen displays. Text Tools will allow developers to present their users with dialog and information in a systematic and simplified way.


Converts an ascii image to a polychrome pygame.Surface or a list of asciis to an animation.


PyGL3Display is a high performance, OpenGL, 2D sprite library for Python/Pygame with a simple API not too dissimilar to Pygames. It requires slightly more recent hardware than other libraries, but it is "breaks the Pygame FPS counter" fast*.


Python implementation of the boids algorithm.

DrawSpiral() function

A function for drawing spirals in Pygame

Simple Sprite Renderer

Simple Sprite Renderer is an abstraction layer on top of pygame that handles the low level drawing work for you.

Basic Tile Engine

A basic and simple square tile engine.

This is a wrapper class to simplify control handling in pygame when using multiple controller methods.


2D Physics Library for Python using Box2D


Fabula is an Open Source Python Game Engine suitable for adventure, role-playing and strategy games and digital interactive storytelling.


A pygame library to have the player input their name.

Quick and dirty spritesheet generator.

Tygame - GUI Project

The purpose of the tygame library is to allow the use of GUI objects to quickly and simply build GUI while still using the many features that pygame has to offer. It shares a simlar style of coding to tkinter (a python GUI library). Please note that this is still in the early phase of development so there will be bugs. If you find some please notify me on this page.

PyDark 2D Game Framework

PyDark is a 2D Game framework built on-top of native PyGame. PyDark makes it easier to build better games more quickly and with less code. And it comes shipped with online multiplayer functionality.

anime - Declarative Animation

This small library is designed to handle "simple" animations in a declarative and clean way. It also provides hooks to allow extension of the current API to allow custom animations.


A scrolling buffer class for a tile-based renderer

Money Management

This is a simple application for managing how much money you have.


pygame_cards is a python package for creating simple card games powered by Pygame framework


Pygcurse (pronounced "pig curse") is a curses library emulator that runs on top of the Pygame framework. It provides an easy way to create text adventures, rougelikes, and console-style applications.


A library and commandline tool for generating random maps using the method of particle deposition.

Ignifuga Game Engine

Multiplatform Python/Cython/SDL based 2D game engine, it currently supports Linux 64, Win32 and Android targets.


This is a lib for easy management of background music for for example games.

Python OS 6

Python OS 6 is a complete user interface and application management system written entirely in Python using Pygame.


PyHiero is a library that helps use the Hiero Bitmap Font generator ( with the Pygame font engine. Simply generate your bitmap font file, load it into PyHiero and draw the Hiero fonts like you would draw a regular Pygame font!

Island Generator

A random Island generator that could be used to generate 'Island' shaped worlds for 2D games.


Pygame extension written in C.

Colors: A color library for Pygame

A color library for pygame that features 91 different colors.

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