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Extreme Galactic Combat

This is an arcade style game that uses vector graphics. The aim is to defeat the opponent by destroying them with four projectiles at your disposal.

This is a game similar to Spaceinvaders. It uses two dimensional vector graphics and involves gravity. At the moment it is limited to two player so any help would be appreciated. So to play you must enter through the battle section. Both players have 5 lives with 0 counting as a life. I am the verge of fully upgrading to sprites so Spacebattle uses pixel graphics. Make sure you read the text file Instructions before playing as this is not a simple pick-up-and-go type game. It was made using python, pygame (of course) but also livewires. So you will need to install livewires - Or you can install the installer package from my SourceForge website.



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Extreme Galactic Combat 1.0 — 27 Oct, 2008

Extreme Galactic Combat 2.0 — 5 Dec, 2008 account Comments