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Python Paint by Pairs: an implementation of the nonogram Paint by Pairs using pygame and python.

Link-a-Pix (also known as "Paint by Pairs") consists of a grid, with numbers filling some squares; pairs of numbers must be located correctly and connected with a line filling a total of squares equal to that number. Squares containing '1' represent paths that are 1-square long. Paths may follow any horizontal or vertical direction. Paths are not allowed to cross other paths. There is only one unique way to link all the squares in a properly-constructed puzzle. When completed, the squares that have lines are filled; the contrast with the blank squares reveals the picture.



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pypbp 0.0.6 — 4 Nov, 2014

pypbp 1.0 — 14 Dec, 2014

pypbp 0.0.5 — 2 Nov, 2014 account Comments

  • josmiley 2014-11-03 18:12:49

    cool game