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Time Line Maker

Time Line Maker - 1.0.0

Ethan Shea (geekygenius)



Sorry, i don't have a home page for this yet, please post if you have any good free code hosting sites. yes, this open source


Home Page:


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Time Line Maker - 1.0.0 - Mar 9, 2010 account Comments

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January 11, 2011 11:06am - Sharp Dis-Chord - nickname: (sdc)
Ethan, I would recommend a Google account. It includes a lot of storage space at GoogleDocs, and a free website at GoogleSites. If I remember correctly, the space is about 100 Mbytes for GoogleSites by default.

This program you have there reminds me of a Python program I've recently created for my project team Sharp Dis-Chord. Our program involves a graphical user interface (pygame/Ocempgui/JingleForms-based) to create and edit a custom number of custom length timelines. I created it to facilitate the fictional history development for our up-coming 2d/HD adventure/rpg game. The tool hasn't been released in public yet, because it doesn't involve yet any exportable format for the timelines. HTML might do it for the format... Let me know, in case you're interested in looking at the code of our program.
March 27, 2010 8:23pm - eric - nickname: (dexter)
The picture looks great, I have been looking for something that looks like this. I didn't see the source code though connected to the post.

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