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Metaball Funhouse

Metaball Funhouse - 1.0

thomas (tpwrules)



An application to render metaballs. I coded this up quickly, but it works. I'm sure the metaball rendering code is not efficient and needs improvement, but it works. Suggestions to make it better are accepted. All one can really use it for is just to play around with it.


  • q: quit
  • r: start render, cancel render if render in progress
  • d: delete selected metaball


  • click anywhere to create a new metaball
  • use the scrollwheel to increase/decrease the size
  • click again to place
  • click on nub in center of a metaball to select it


Home Page:


click to view original size


Metaball Funhouse - 1.0 - Jan 29, 2011 account Comments

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January 31, 2011 6:01pm - thomas - nickname: (tpwrules) - 5/5
Thanks for the suggestion, I've uploaded a fixed version. I actually had that bug lingering in my mind but apparently I forgot about fixing it.
January 30, 2011 5:52pm - Hewitt Squared Labs - nickname: (hewitt2labs) - 4/5
For a simple whip-up it looks great. not knowing what metaballs are, the system is pretty simple and easy to understand. when you use the scroll wheel, you can cause this error:
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "", line 131, in <module>
metaballs[id].render_preview(screen, id == selected_metaball)
File "", line 22, in render_preview, (0, 255, 0, 255) if selected else (255, 255, 255, 255), self.pos, self.radius, 2)
ValueError: width greater than radius

I would think of making a simple if statement to check to make sure the radius is big enough, and I'm going to try that.

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