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Lefromoma - 0.2

Kristof De Jaeger (swentel)



Simple mame frontend written in python focused on cabinets. Features: fullscreen, snapshots, roms-, favorites-list alphabetical) & ignore list, scaling of a game. All text in game names between () is stripped in the favorites list (revision/version numbers etc), it makes the list prettier'. There are 3 wav-files included, a "start up" sound, a "start game" sound and a button sound. The script creates 4 new directories in your rom directory: complete, favorites, ignore and scaling. They are filled with symlinks (this doesn't take up much space, don't worry). When you add a game to the favorites the symlink rom the complete dir is moved to the favorites and visa versa. If you move a game to the ignore directory (that is, the symlink will be moved there), you will have to remove it yourself again. (might change in the future). You can change the scaling of the game in the frontend. The scaling dir is used to write the default scaling for a game (gamerom_2 or gamerom_1) Lefromoma is developed and tested on Fedora Core 5, other GNU/linux distro should work too (other distro's not tested though).


New features added like sound and scaling of the game. The layout has been updated and all actions are reduced using only the enter and arrow keys.


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Lefromoma - 0.2 - Oct 15, 2006
Lefromoma - 0.1 - Sep 1, 2006 account Comments

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