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Foxen - 0.1.0

A short platformer about a fox rescuing a stuffed toy from raccoons

Henry Mclaughlin
Foxen will be a short (30 minutes to 1 hour) platforming game about a fox who is trying to save a beloved stuffed toy from a gang of raccoons.

The player will have a choice between 2 characters, but that choice will be purely aesthetic. (IE: They only look different)

Currently, the game features player movement and a test "level" created with the level editor. It also features that level editor.


Support for larger levels in place, and levels load much, much faster. (Well, technically they only load partway before the game starts and load the rest while you are playing)

Test level has more complex terrain, but not much else.

Oh, and the homepage is now on Sourceforge rather than Google Code.


Home Page


Foxen 0.0.0 — 21 Jun, 2010

Foxen 0.1.0 — 28 Jun, 2010 account Comments

  • Joseph Bleau 2011-05-16 00:11:02

     Great start so far, please finish it!

  • Rockachu2 2011-11-26 19:35:08

    Please finish!

  • Jakub Pavlík 2013-01-20 18:13:40

    I also think that it's worth finishing. Maybe by someone else if the author isn't interested any more?

  • Matt 2013-03-25 20:03:01

    How do you play? I'm new to Pygame so I just don't know how to open the game itself.

    Ralph Graham 2014-08-17 21:17:13

    open a terminal then go to the directory of the file, then run the executable of the game like this, 'python ""