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Christmas Moon Boarder

Christmas Moon Boarder - 1.0

Nathan Franck (font)



Christmas Moon Boarder is a physics simulation "snow" boarding game with webcam motion control. The player controls the boarder 1:1, leaning left right and moving up and down to keep him upright and achieve some slick looking jumps and flips, bound within the laws of physics.

The preferences.txt file allows you to change your resolution, switch to fullscreen, change your webcam sensitivity, and switch between webcam and mouse controls (for those unfortunate enough to have no webcam).

If you want to add custom levels, the steps are found in the data folder to do so.

Merry Christmas!


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Christmas Moon Boarder - 1.0 - Dec 25, 2010 account Comments

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December 28, 2010 7:28am - Alfonso E.M. - nickname: (alfem)
Uh, I'am afraid you need Windows to test the game (VideoCapture module is required)

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