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Celtic Cavern

Celtic Cavern - 1.0

Thomas Downs (tnelsond)



This is an entry I made for Ludum Dare 15. It's a Leprechaun Platformer.
It's about a Leprechaun who get's kidnapped and drug underground and forced to make stuff for his captors. So for the game, you must escape the cavern. To escape, you must hop from Leprechaun land to the real world in order to escape the cave.

Perhaps I will fix some of the problems some time. As of right now, watch out for bats on the left half of the level. I know the collisions are a little weird.


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Celtic Cavern - 1.0 - Sep 6, 2009 account Comments

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March 21, 2010 8:44pm - Thomas Downs - nickname: (tnelsond)
The graphics/sprites themselves are transparent pngs (Perhaps this wasn't the best way to do it), so I just load them with .convert_alpha()
February 4, 2010 1:23am - Kevin Liu - nickname: (nivekuil)
This is a pretty nice game for something made in 48 hours, but I have a question - how did you get the sprites to be translucent? I couldn't find any colorkeying in your script?

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