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Albow - 2.2

A Little Bit of Widgetry for PyGame

Gregory Ewing
This is a rather simple, no-frills GUI library for PyGame, developed for use in my PyWeek competition entries. I am documenting and releasing it so that others can benefit and so that it may be used in future PyWeek competitions.


New features:
  • Multichoice controls.
  • New, more powerful Ref object supersedes AttrRef and ItemRef.
  • Theme.add_theme() method.
  • Events have a 'time' field.
  • Added equalize option to Row and Column.
  • Adaptor to turn a Ref into a callable object.
  • Added add_anchor() and remove_anchor() methods to Widget.
  • Root and Screen now have a timer_event() method taking the event as a parameter. This supersedes the begin_frame() method.
  • The update_every_event flag has been removed and replaced with a defer_drawing() method that is delegated to the current Screen.
  • Default resource dir may be named either "Resources" or "resources".
  • Now using time.sleep() for frame timing instead of pygame timer, for better timing accuracy.
  • The 'expand' argument to Row and Column no longer defaults to the last item.
  • Grid now honours the margin attribute.
Bug fixes:
  • OpenGL widgets did not work in single-buffered mode.
  • Improved handling of timer events to give smoother degradation of frame rate when rendering time exceeds frame time.
  • Fixed a compatibility problem with PyOpenGL 3.0.1.
  • 2-dimensional ImageArray with 1 row was treated as 1-dimensional.
  • Mentioning a 2D image array in a boolean context did not work. Cacheing of 2D image arrays did not work as a consequence.
  • Improved error message for attempting to use len() on a 2D image array.
  • Row and Column crashed if given an empty item list.
  • Removed call to obsolete reset() method of level objects.
  • Added links to GL widgets to the contents page.
  • Documented the new Ref system for linking controls to values.


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Albow 1.0 — 6 Dec, 2006

Albow 1.1 — 24 Sep, 2007

Albow 2.2 — 29 Jan, 2014 account Comments