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Pyork (pronouned "pie-orc") is, essentially, a text-based adventure game likened to Zork.

Joshua Powell

Pyork (pronouned "pie-orc") is, essentially, a text-based adventure game likened to Zork. (That's where the idea and the name came from "py"-thon and z-"ork").

PLOT You start out in the middle of a field and you can't remember a thing. You have to find your way out while finding out who you are. (find your way out of the whole area, not just the field)

Please feel free to comment on my bad coding (and spelling and grammar), I know it's awful, but any suggestions and critisisms will be very much appreciated. Also, There really shouldn't be any bugs but if there are, well, anyone who just started learning Python should be able to fix them. But if you bring them to my attention, I'll fix them and put out a new version, bug-free.

And, if anyone wants them, I'll add comments explaining what everything does; but it's not complicated by any standards.

It is written in Python 3.1 (Any earlier versions of Python will not run this game)

UPDATE #1: Fixed a lot of bugs and have now changed it to "". This time it really shouldn't matter whether you have windows, mac, or whatever, just the necessary Python version 3.1 installed on your computer. Enjoy, Joshua Powell



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  • Sharpturn 2012-02-17 03:20

    Can't pick up the moonlit object by the shed.

  • Sharpturn 2012-02-17 04:04

    Never mind, had to cheat and look at coding though.

  • Julien 2012-06-01 00:50

    I am a little confused.

    Its using Pygame and Python 3?
    I thought Pygame didnt support Python 3?

  • Joonatan 2012-06-13 10:32

    You definitely need a parser and some Object oriented programming. With this implementation you have to check if an item is still where it was. With OO you could have a "description" attribute and if the player types "examine object", you can just look for something named object in place where he is. I actually have a little game that even has multiplayer capabilities. Would you like me to post the code? I've done a similar engine in finnish too using the excellent suomimalaga (its singleplayer), but I believe that doesn't benefit you.