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2D "universe" simulation, namely Conway's Game of Life and derivatives of it.


Simple sim modelling gravity.


Gravitational simulator written in Python.

Chao Game

A very fun text game that you get to raise a virtual Chao. please give any recommendations.

Realism - GameBoy Screen Simulation

A simple demonstration of how using different blitting flags and pygame's movie sub-module can create an awesome effect!


A game that simulates a nation going through its life.

ant game

ant, spider, and snake simulation based on ai type thinking of the entity

Fireworks Simulator Python

Fireworks simulator made in python.

Density Simulator

The density simulator calculates how a sphere behaves when placed in water. It allows for different parameters to be changed. It is made to be as life-like as possible - meaning that only prober physics theories is used for calculation.

pyFalling Sand

A clone of Falling Sand ( done in 1086 lines of python (34 kb).


Puzzle game and electromechanical sandbox. Based on my PyWeek 5 competition entry.


en: Recently started, just trying python, pygame and the enviroment. es: Recién comenzado, es solo para probar python, pygame y el entorno.


Interactive version of Conway's Game of Life.

Tamagotchi Emulator

Emulates the handheld digital pet Tamagotchi.

flint's game of life

Simulation using the classic cells from Conway's Game of Life, but some cells use different, custom rulesets. Cells with different DNA can also interact with each other in the world.

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