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Rock Paper Scissors Game with python

This is a simple suit game that uses the "pygame" library as its GUI and uses an object oriented programming paradigm. Its workflow is to compare the player's choices with the enemy's chosen randomly using the "random" library. The game starts by clicking the start text or pressing the "Space" key, after which the player types "suit" by clicking on one of the button icons provided while. the result will appear after the player presses a button. The game can be continued as long as the player presses the text "play again" or the "space" key and the score will continue to grow. let's play and check your lucky level today. good luck.

Fardin Pratama
This is my first game made using the pygame library after learning basic python from the book "Python Crash Course". hope it can be useful.



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Rock Paper Scissors Game with python 1.0 — 7 Oct, 2020 account Comments