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Shooty My Booty

My first Pygame app. You shoot ammo to get ammo... You shoot health to get health... and you shoot bad guy's for the fun of it!!!! Simple, yet addicting...


2d multiplayer only shooter


Polywar is a 2D top-down arcade shooter game with polygons. It will be an online multiplayer game someday, but I need to get a few more things working properly before I do that.


This project is the begining of my self-study of Python and game programming in general. This is the first complete project that can be called a "game". Look forward to more projects from me and my team!


Generic shooter game against one enemy

STAR - Small-time Asteroids Revival

Yet another Asteroids clone.

Awesome Space Shooter

Turn-based space shooter

Banished Wings

Banished Wings is a shoot 'em ups sidescroller with a space theme. Fight your way through hordes of space enemies while avoiding asteroids and other obstacles. Choose from up to three different space fighters, each with a different set of unique abilities, attributes, and upgrades.

SLC Shmup'

A basic shoot em' up created in about 2 frantic weeks between school and track practice.

Space Shooter

A scrolling arcade shooter using python and pygame.


just another shooter

Mario Shell Defense

A Pygame learning experience for me. Simple (very simple) platform game. Mario shoots fireballs at oncoming Koopa shells. Run using


Space Invaders.

The Epic Shot

This is a fun little game i made as my first program. Enjoy!!!

Simple Shooter

Simple Shooter.


A 2 player top view shooter with capture the flag scenario. A fun game to play with a Joystick.


A simple shmup with hand drawn graphics and multiple weapons to use.

Star Fight

A Space shooter, where you kill aliens before they kill you.


Top-down space shooter

Patriot Command

A Patriot command clone

Batalla Espacial

Nombre: Batalla Espacial. Nombre Interno: NavesDemo. Lang: Spanish - Español Fecha: 26 Marzo de 2009. Version: 0.1.3 (Demo-Final) Autor: Ricardo D. Quiroga -> L2Radamanthys Email:, Sitio Web: - - Licencia: Este Juego esta bajo la licencia GPL3 para mas info lea el archivo "licence.txt" Descripcion: Simple Demo de un Juego de naves desarrollado en Python usando PyGame... Testeado en: GNU/Linux Distriucion: -Debian -Ubuntu MS. Windows: -98 -2000 -XP No testeado en: -Mac OS -Open BSD -Open Solaris -S60 Requerimientos: Python 2.4.x o superior PyGame 1.7.x o superior Creditos: -Los Sprites pertenecen a la libreria de sprites de Ari Feldman -No recuerdo el dueño de los sonidos que use.. Consideraciones: Esta es posiblemente la primera y ultima version de este juego que es publicada ya que solo cumple el proposito de servir como una demostracion de como programar juegos. Y por que ademas la web esta llena de juegos de este tipo por lo que no veo motivos de continuar su desarrollo.

Shell Fire

Just another attempt at creating cannon shooting game

Space Pirates Mission

Space shooter, Python w/Pygame and Blender.

Trolls Outta Luckland

360-degree arcade-style space shooter

Meteor Storm

Defend your moonbase!


A topdown shooter. My entry for MiniLD6.

Star Fight II

Star Fight II

Ghost Project

multi-player action game


Asteroids-like shooter with up to 4 players sharing one keyboard

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