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This project is the begining of my self-study of Python and game programming in general. This is the first complete project that can be called a "game". Look forward to more projects from me and my team!

Michael Arevalo
DIE BOX: The goal of die box was simple. There are many other libraries to complement Pygame, but I rarely see a game on this website using 'vanilla' Pygame, so I decided to write one. The object of the game is simple: you control a red circle with the mouse, and try to hit a green square that bounces around the screen at random speeds (though using simple physics to ensure that the direction is predictable) by clicking on it. The score counter increases by 100 for every successful hit, and decreases by 25 for every miss, so aim carefully! I didn't feel that was enough, however, so I included a timer and a game-over screen. Thanks for playing and comments welcome!



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DIE BOX 1.0 — 14 May, 2009 account Comments