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multi player ball war

multi player game

Snake and Ladder

Simple snake and ladder game.

Bridge Battle

Simple two player strategy game.

Astral Networking

Astral networking is a high level multiplayer programming library. It can use PodSixNet or Mastermind for messaging. It's focus is on solid multiplayer algorithms to help set up realtime multiplayer games without any fuss.


Monsters is an online scrolling 2d shooter game where you play as a American military and you have to fight against an alien invasion!


OpenMOO2 is planned to be an open source clone of Microprose game "Master of Orion II: Battle at Antares", one of the best 4X turn-based strategy games set in space

Touhou Snowball

Two-player overhead shooter using characters from Touhou Project.

Prodigy Pong 2

No Longer Just A Simple Old School Pong Game. A Cool Modern Version Of The Simple Old School Pong Game With A New Awesome GUI And Way Better Game Play.


A simple 2d-space-shooter with single and two player modes.


3d (isometric) multiplayer networked game with tricky doors, talking penguins and graphic labyrinth designer.


A client for the game of Netrek, a multi-player real-time 2D strategy game.

Drones Fight

Destroy your opponent's drone. You can play against a script or against another human.

Multiplayer RPG

A small 2D RPG project .

Multi-player Snake experiment

An experiment: How fast can one develop a game like "Snake", without knowing the game dev library?


Entris - be quick or be quacked

Entris is a Tetris variant including quacking duck attacks.
Playing online with up to 5 players in one game is possible. The game server is installed at Google App Engine.


moderately Multiplayer Online Space Shooter

Wizards Magic

Cross-platform card strategy Wizards Magic.

Lothar's War

Lothar's War is a top down strategy game in which the player controls various units to take control of the map.

ElderWar Multiplayer

A local multiplayer fight game. You can choose among 4 players with different skills. It has items, music, sounds and platforms. With Twitter connection.


Dodge the enemies!

Head Soccer Network

A version of the classic head sports soccer that allow players to play in a local or internet network. Uses pygame,box2d *plus* a modified version of podsixnet to handle UDP network. Currently only support friendly matches and 4 different head players


every one know this game, but this one is a 360° version, in which you can play up to 4 players in local network.

The Secret Tower

The Secret Tower is a 2D platform game.

Tank Fission

A 1 on 1 top down tank game, with multiple weapons, barricades, trees, playing maps, and computer-controlled turrets

The Raspberry Pi and Python Game Physics

This project tests the RPi-2 as a host for a script-based game (physics) engine.


Project of Introduction to Computer Science and Programming Iran University of Science and Technology

Void Infinity

A real-time strategy game with online multiplayer.


2d running game in airport enviroment for one to three players

Tron 2

multiplayer version of Ghostshooter53's Tron 2 game. Added collision in both and Added AI game.

Pong Dexule Internet Lan Multiplayer

Pong Dexule with multiplayer internet all over the world without any configuration

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