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Not Exactly Much of an Engine pygame game development library.


A python lib to load sprites from a spritesheet using a sprite sheet definition file in json format. It includes also a generator for sprite definition files.


A collection of usefull code for games. I would not call it an engine.

Basics Library

A library of basic tasks with a particle system. Mostly harvested from open-source examples on the 'net.


An in-memory cache and a database cache.

Basics Library

A library of basic tasks with a particle system. Mostly harvested from open-source examples on the 'net.


Magical blueprints for procedural generation of content. Based roughly on a series of articles by Sean Howard. Overview here. .. _series of articles: .. _Overview here:


This is a simple personal library that I have been using for my pyweek games. I am uploading it in preparation for the first pyweek of 2012.


Pygame extension written in C.


A small library to create a parallax scrolling background


planes is a hierarchical surface framework for Pygame, formerly called clickndrag.


A small isometric engine.


TextLib v0.1

Colors: A color library for Pygame

A color library for pygame that features 91 different colors.

Library for 2d Vector Models

A library for creating 2d vector models (a la lunar lander). Includes collision testing, optional model components and automatic scaling.

Udebs - Python general discrete battle system

Udebs aims to be a multipurpose discrete battle system engine for use primarily in rpg's, but easily extensible to any discrete system.

Map Editor

Map Editor is a tile-based map maker primarily targeted for 2D games. It's made with Tkinter in Python and is meant to be language and library agnostic. It currently supports tiles up to 256 px. on rectangular maps of arbitrary size.


A pygame based GUI toolkit.


Gui library written for pygame and python 2.7

Python Game Engine Utils

A set of tools/utils I am working on to streamline game development in python by making it easier to start a project and prototype.


Python framework for building turn-based games.

HUD Light

A fully featured yet easy-to-use, customizable HUD to display all your stuffs. Delicate yet bold. Lovely yet rugged. Cool and refreshing with a warm finish. A balance of sweet and sour, with a heady fragrance.


Gummworld2 is a pygame framework for a scrolling game, where the map is larger than the display. It emphasizes simplicity and performance.

Tic Tac Two

The computer version of the game Tic Tac Toe in a very easy to play format


(stands for "SuperMarioGlitchy RPG") A fangame for YouTuber supermarioglitchy4 being developed by Mister Epic, with assistance from Horatio Studios & Glitchy Boy Productions. It's your typical Mairo-esque plot: Bowser has kidnapped the princess and it's up to Mario and close accomplice SMG4 to rescue her.......or is it???


Library that provides stuff for textbox-like gui gizmos

pyOpenGL Solids lib

Basic solids for three-dimensional shapes composition: Cube Parallelepiped Trapezoid Pyramid Pyramid Trunk Hexagon

Collider Library

A minimalistic swept collision-detection library for platformer and tile based games. It works with axis-aligned rectangles and features swept collision detection and basic collision responses.

Pygame Text Input

A small module that enables you to input text with your keyboard using pygame

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