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Basic Guiu

lang = Esp Basic Guiu es una simple guiu basada en PyGame, esta pensada principalmente para diseñar pequeños y simples menus, para un conjunto mas avanzado se desarrollo el Modulo Frame que puede manejar mas comodamente los elementos como si fuese una ventana.


A fun but challenging puzzle game.


Gravitron is a space based game where you must defeat your enemies solely by deflecting their bullets back to them.


BOLLO A TOY FOR THE CREATIVE MIND WITH A LOT OF SPARE TIME BOLLO is a 3D building toy with digital balls. It is about as useful as a box of Lego, but it is great fun to play with. You plug steel balls together to construct anything you can imagine. Bollo uses the pyggel opengl libraries which are included with the game. WARNING: This toy is very addictive.

Achtung 2

Snake like game for 2-7 players. Objective is to outlive your opponents. Poor grafics, but exelent gameplay. (Based heavily on the game Zatacka/Achtung die neue Kurve)


Dynamic maze, made of spinning passage patterns.


An open-source remake of the classic strategy game Moonbase Commander

light weight python game tools

small light weight game tools for pygame

Mine Escape

The new way of minesweeping!

Shell Fire

Just another attempt at creating cannon shooting game


An Open Source Tower Defense Game developed with Python and Pygame.

Ultimate Pong

Rather simple pong game. Supports 1 to 4 players.

Theory of Magicity

experimental fusion of physics and magic

Trolls Outta Luckland

360-degree arcade-style space shooter


Juego, para hacer competir las IA, de los jugadores, basado originalmente en PyWars intenta llegar a ser algo similar a lo que es hoy en dia robotcode pero por el momento un avance..


A version of snake in pygame


A PyGame clone of Conways game of life


PyBalls => a simple game with mouse and ... balls ;)

Ball dropper

A simple game where you try and hit a singing ball with dropped balls.

Ghost Project

multi-player action game


A retro style arcade SHMUP


A python version of the Falling Sand Game.


Glider remake.


A Conway Game of Life implementation that I've tried to turn into a strategy game.


A remake of Skool Daze and Back to Skool.


simple mouse controlled game where you kill the bad guys with a feather using the help of wind strokes.

LynSol Solitaire

A classic Solitaire card game.

Depths of Mars

Vertically scrolling shooter strongly inspired by Caverns of Mars, 8bit Atari classics.



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