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City like images created by automated growth.

Sam Swift


A pygame port of J.Tarbell's processing visualisation, based upon the xscreensaver implementation by M.Kershaw.

Cracks appear and through them sand falls. As the cracks become more numerous a city begins to form. If you continue the disconcerting feeling of moving away will strike you, as the city becomes more dense and continues to evolve.

This implementation allows you to place your own cracks and save snapshots.

Parameters you may modify include:
Screen dimensions
Background colour
Crack colour
Sand colours
Initial number of cracks
Maximum cracks
Invisible cracks
Cracks the colour of the sand
Percentage chance of a crack being curved
Percentage chance of new cracks being connected to old ones
Maximum degrees variation from perpendicular for new cracks
Number of sand grains
Maximum sand range




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substrate 0.3 — 9 May, 2010

substrate 0.4 — 15 May, 2010

substrate 0.2 — 7 May, 2010

substrate 0.1 — 7 May, 2010 account Comments

  • Steve 2014-01-05 18:01:16 doesn't exist anymore. Please someone upload the py files somewhere