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Nega Dodger

Step 1: Dodge Blocks Step 2: Get powerups Step 3: ?????? Step 4: PROFIT!

Block Dodger 2: The Blockening alpha

Dodge the blocks and collect the power ups

Markie's Revenge

Guide the Sheepie to stay alive as long as possible and don't get killed by the green Markie Ming heads!

Dodge racing

Dodge racing is a scrolling game. You drive a car and you must dodge the other cars.

Bullet dodger

A fun and challenging mouse game where you must dodge bullets.

Dodge Nukes Collect Stars

Dodge Nukes Collect Stars

Car Dodge

a car dodging game

Dodge it

Help lava blob dodge those pesky water drops

Caneta Azul

Controle o cantor do caneta azul para fugir das malditas canetas azuis que o assombram. Você conseguirá escapar?


Dodge all the obstacles with your rocket!