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Bullet dodger

A fun and challenging mouse game where you must dodge bullets.

Jorge Maldonado Ventura
A fun and challenging mouse game where you must dodge bullets. How many points will you get?


This game requires Python and pygame.

Installing from source

  1. Install Python 3
  2. Install pygame for Python 3
  3. Clone the repository: git clone
  4. Execute the file with ./bullet_dodger/ or python3 bullet_dodger/

Installing with pip

You can install the game using pip: sudo pip install bullet_dodger. Once you have installed the game successfully with pip, you can run it with bullet_dodger command.


This game is free software. It uses the GNU General Public License, version 3. The licenses of music, artwork, sounds, etc. can be found in the file



Home Page


Bullet dodger 1.7.2 — 12 Nov, 2016

Bullet dodger 1.6.10 — 1 Oct, 2016

Bullet dodger 1.5 — 18 Sep, 2016

Bullet dodger 1.6 — 24 Sep, 2016

Bullet dodger 1.0 — 5 Sep, 2016

Bullet dodger 1.8.1 — 13 Nov, 2016

Bullet dodger 1.8.2 — 27 Nov, 2016

Bullet dodger 2.0.0 — 23 Apr, 2018

Bullet dodger 2.1.2 — 15 May, 2018

Bullet dodger 2.1.0 — 23 Apr, 2018

Bullet dodger 2.1.1 — 25 Apr, 2018 account Comments

  • Iftekhar Joy 2016-12-12 14:31

    what is exist_ok ?. when i try to run the game TypeError: makedirs() got an unexpected keyword argument 'exist_ok'. when i remove exist_ok first time the game run then again error?

    Dean W 2016-12-18 21:06

    exist_ok is a parameter of the os.makedirs in Python3 (see However, this parameter doesn't exist for the Python2.7 version, so if you're trying to run the program with 2.7 you'll get this error. Try running it with Python3 and it should work.

    Jorge Maldonado Ventura 2018-05-15 12:33

    This issue was fixed.