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Ardentryst is a free, open-source, cross-platform action/RPG sidescrolling game that is fun for all ages. Follow hero Pyralis, a warrior with fire magic, and heroine Nyx, an ice mage, on a quest through a castle, forests and snowy mountains to reclaim peace in the realm of Ardentryst.

Milk Fight

you are the cookie trying to squirt the moldy cookie with milk who can squirt you with milk. get squirted 3 times and game over, getting hit by a cow counts as being squirted. this game includes a 2-player version and how to play. if this game is a success, I will maybe make a sequel :). P.S. you need Pygame Zero installed for this to work

Sly Fox

a 3-player game where the fox and the skunk try to recover the stolen cheese from the fox