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Board Game of questions/anwers


Affliction is a computer game where you fight 4 epidemics to save humanity.


A basic client-server interface for networking games in the making.

Morningside AI Test Environment

A board-game-like environment for testing AIs.

The Pirate Game

THIS IS A DRINKING GAME. This is a digital version of a boardgame/drinking game the two members of Gadamagaska made up on a trip to Amsterdam. I made it into a python game over a duration of two days and it should be bug free now. I ofcause take no responsibility if anyone playing this game doesn't know when to stop drinking. Keep it fun :)

Dog Microphone

So, if you and your mates want to play a role-playing game of your own design, but don't have a table to sit around, you might need this.


Two-person logic game. The game consists in removing sticks from a board. It's possibile to play as a single player (with a respectable A.I.!) or versus another player.


Two-person logical game. The game consists of removing sticks from a board. It's possibile to play as a single player or versus another player.

Wizards Magic

Cross-platform card strategy Wizards Magic.


Python version of the Hex board game.

Secret Trump

Like board game Secret Hitler


Like board game Jamaica

Basic Blind Chess

Blind Chess also known as "Dark Chess" or "Banqi" or Half Chess , is a two-player Chinese board game played on a 4x8 grid, or half of the xiangqi (Chinese Chess) board. This application is using Taiwan rule.

7 Grand Steps: 1. What Ancients Begat

Guide generations through the challenges of the ages, in a strategy, boardgame-like, emergent narrative.

16p Mahjong

16 titles mahjong using Taiwan rule.

The game of Amazons

i hope you feel funny when playing my game! if any question, write a email to me at:

Unbeatable tic-tac-toe

an unbeatable tic-tac-toe artificial intelligence

Checker Kings

a fun and addictive checkers game


Carcassonne clone written in python 3