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7 Grand Steps: 1. What Ancients Begat

Guide generations through the challenges of the ages, in a strategy, boardgame-like, emergent narrative.

Keith Nemitz
There is a wonderful tale within you. It is the story of your ancestors and how you came to be.

7 Grand Steps is the game that connects people to the cultural roots of western civilization. From the sweat of laborers to the perspective of kings, experience the wonder of a family lineage that survived the changing ages.

Or did they survive? How you guide them will determine their fate.



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7 Grand Steps: 1. What Ancients Begat 0.8.068 — 20 Feb, 2013 account Comments

  • Drvanon 2013-03-03 14:03

    Could you share the source code? Maybe I can make a linux port?