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KezMenu - 0.3.0

Based on a PyMike's original work, a new PyGame library to obtain with minimal coding menu-based interfaces in your games!

Luca Fabbri

This work is originally based on the PyMike's project EzMeNu.

As Mike's ones, you can fast and simply create menu based interfaces for your games.

Origin and Needs

This is a needed module for my Cheese Boys game. I'm trying to make this game as modular as I can, and move code away from the project itself!


The library is released onto the Python Cheeseshop, so you only need to install it typing:
easy_install KezMenu


A tutorial and some effects examples are available on the Cheeseshop page.

Get the Code

Source code can be taken from GitHub.


A more stable release with major refactoring of the code.

  • Added tutorial and examples in doctest format.
  • Added many deprecation warning for some old methods.
  • Fixed bug: if the menu position was moved from (0,0), the mouse control was buggy because not counting this offset.
  • Support for the menu effects (3 for now)


Home Page


KezMenu 0.2.1 — 29 Dec, 2008

KezMenu 0.3.0 — 17 Jan, 2009

KezMenu 0.3.1 — 26 Apr, 2009

KezMenu 0.3.5 — 22 Oct, 2009

KezMenu 0.3.6 — 7 Jun, 2013 account Comments