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MicroWar - 2.0a7

A space shooter in the computer industry

Pierre-Alain Dorange
MicroWar is 'Space Invaders' style arcade game, in the cruel world of micro-compter industry.
You're a Macintosh faced to invading Wintel hordes year after year, kill more PC.
Bonuses let you improve your Mac performances or restore life...


* bug-fix : check update on internet, fail to load the update screen : fixed
* default max frame-rate = 200 fps : do not be processor-intensive on fast computer
* PC (from Windows95) can detach from the squad and act like Galaxian aliens
* adding the high score display during the game
* visual feedback when Mac recover upgrading bonus
* visual and audio feedback when mac hit
* adding pictures to illustrate each level (years)
* small graphics improvements : darker background, specific PC screens for Win95 and win98
* clean up FGame Widgets, loading widgets can now have optionnal caracteristics


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MicroWar 2.0a5 — 7 Dec, 2008

MicroWar 2.0a6 — 14 Dec, 2008

MicroWar 2.0a8 — 31 Jan, 2009

MicroWar 2.0a7 — 24 Jan, 2009

MicroWar 2.0rc1 — 27 Oct, 2009

MicroWar 2.0rc3 — 3 Nov, 2009

MicroWar 2.0rc2 — 1 Nov, 2009

MicroWar 2.0b2 — 16 Sep, 2009 account Comments