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Curse Of The Keys (C64-Remake) - 0.9.1

A remake of the C64 game "Curse of the Keys"

Max Power
Roam the kingdom in search for the cursed keys to save the world, find new fellowers, hire new warriors, defeat the evil wizard!!! This is a quick and easy rpg-game, easy to understand, easy to play, without millions of stats etc.


This version is nearly complete!

OK, here we go:

- You can beat the game by finding all three cursed keys
and defeat the evil wizard
- Press SPACE to enter a village/ruin/fortress/city/settlement
- Press ESC to toggle fullscreen
- Press s to toggle music
- All other keys are explained in the game

Your followers:
- scout: makes you move faster
- carrier: you lose only half your gold/rations when
you lose a fight
- miracle heal: revives your fallen warriors sometimes
- wizard: destroys enemies sometimes
- ship: you can move on water
- navigator: you can move faster on water

Every month, your warriors need food, so you should buy rations sometimes


- Balancing
- Another soundtrack ;)
- a lot of code clean-up ;)
- You stillcan't enter your own name
- There is no winning/losing screen
- There is no title-screen

run to start
Have fun!

p.s.: there are 4 maps, in every map but the map you started you will find one key.
If you run out of rations and warriors, visit the capital city (the one without a tree) of a map


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