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Starship - 0.5

A very simple space arcade game.

This is the project that I'm actually developing. In the game the player's is exactly a starship ( excuse me for my poor imagination ) that roams around the screen and shots against inflamed asteroids. Commands: - use the arrows to move yourself - use the spacebar to shots and "s" to use special bombs - use "r" to rotate the starship Todo list: - levels - options menu - NPC


I anticipate the 0.5 release because in the previous versions there was a very important bug that I haven't noticed. I thank my friend Ivan that has discovered the bug. In this version there are also some cool implementations such as a new menu that explain the commands to the new players and the possibility to rotate in 4 direction the ship. Enjoy it


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Starship 0.3 — 14 Jun, 2008

Starship 0.5 — 15 Jun, 2008

Starship 0.4 — 15 Jun, 2008

Starship 1.0 — 7 Jul, 2008

Starship 0.6 — 17 Jun, 2008

Starship 0.7 — 27 Jun, 2008 account Comments