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Ognom Keeper - 0.11a

An arcade game where you create walls to make a bouncing ball get to the finish.

Ognom Keeper uses the library pymunk which is bindings to the physics engine chipmunk. In Ognom Keeper you draw walls with the mouse and steer a bouncing ball to the finish. The game includes a level editor which you can create additional levels to play. The level editor itself is not a stable release. This is my first game (that I have been working on for more than one day). Please leave comments about your thoughts!


This is not the first release, however the first source code release has been lost so this is the second release. This is just a small release fixing a few stuff: - Follow camera is now working - Increased speed on camera - Can now steer camera with arrow keys - Fixed a bug where the physics stop at one occasion - Added pydoc generated html files - This release is more according to this guide:


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Ognom Keeper 0.11a — 12 Aug, 2009 account Comments