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SPyRE - 0.7.1

SPyRE is a simple OpenGL rendering engine. It depends only on Python, Pygame, and PyOpenGL. You provide OpenGL drawing code within simple display objects, and the engine displays those objects, with a variety of viewing controls including panning, rotating and zooming. Currently the library is in development for a baseball simulation game. The library includes documentation and several examples. Â

David Keeney
 Includes controlled display rate, a variety of interface types, cameras, and lighting objects. Will soon be in a SVN repository. Plans include adding a simple GUI, or the ability to use one or more of the available Pygame GUIs.


Module is a 3D rendering engine for Python/PyGame/OpenGL. Provides various cameras, interfaces, and environmental objects to facilitate interactive 3D scripts. Changes are various bugfixes and minor enhancements.


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SPyRE 0.3 — 23 Aug, 2004

SPyRE 0.6 — 29 Jun, 2005

SPyRE 0.7.1 — 12 Mar, 2006 account Comments