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InputParser - 0.7.0

A simple library to bind standard input into user-defined actions to be used in PyGame applications.

Wil Alvarez
Input class allows you to control standard input events keyboard, mouse or joystick) on a PyGame application, binding user-defined actions for each one of them. You just need to create an input object, bind actions with input events and lookup for this action on every loop of the application. It comes with a very cool documentation made by me :D


+ Added support for documentation in pydoc format + Added support UP and DOWN events for keys and joystick buttons + Improved support for mouse move and quit events + Changed format to complaint with python standard (indentation, underscore separation for method name, etc) + Implemented mouse down/up events + Added support for QUIT event


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InputParser 0.6.5 — 26 Feb, 2008

InputParser 0.7.0 — 20 Nov, 2008

InputParser 0.6.2 — 26 Feb, 2008

InputParser 0.6.1 — 11 Feb, 2008 account Comments